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3 Home Remedies for Termites – The Best Way to Kill These Pests

I was curious after my friends debated if insects like termites bite. While inspecting my attic I discovered them, and just seeing these wood-chewing insects produced visions of my paycheck disappearing to pest removal professionals spraying chemicals. I decided to locate home remedies for these insects as a money-saving idea. I discovered basic questions need answering prior […]

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Do Termites Bite? – Learn Where These Insects Come From!

Do Termites Bite Humans

Wondering if an insect is going to bite can be really stressful, so we’ve put together this article to inform you about termites. The jury seems to be out on the question: do termites bite humans?Some pest control experts agree that insects can bite. Others tell us that they do not bite humans, only timber, […]

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