Why Do Animals Like to Invade Our Homes in the Cities?

raccoonSo, what started this whole thing? What made all these animals want to get into our homes when we’re all surrounded by buildings and roads in the busy streets of urban life.

One of the most obvious reasons animals have started to invade our cities is because of ourselves. Why? Well, because of climate change and habitat destruction, we have left these animals without any choice of the matter. The more the human population grows, the more energy we take up and the more things to habituate. This means that not only are we eating up the spaces that were meant for these creatures but we are also using up resources that were meant for them. This is not even mentioning the way we take resources which is another story to take about on another day.

Long story short, it really is our fault that this is happening. We have left these animals no choice. We have taken what is theirs and them invading our urban homes is their way of saying that they want a piece of the pie.