Humane Mouse Traps – How To Choose The Right One

There’s no doubt that mice are a menace, even posing health risks to humans. However, not all of us believe that poisoning or a bloody kill is the only way to deal with a mouse infestation in our homes:

For those who prefer to put a compassionate end to an influx of mice in homes or other human habitats, humane mousetraps are preferred over a standard mousetrap. Check them out here.

These devices deal with the rodents in a sympathetic way, either enabling their trapping and release away from the home, or putting an end to their lives less painfully than snap-traps or poisoned bait.

What To Look For In A Mouse Trap

Dead mouse

So what should you look for when shopping for a humane mousetrap? Here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself before buying a humane mouse trap:

1) Is the device strong and durable? Some humane mousetraps are made of hard plastic that can easily break or crack when reused several times. If you plan on making yours a reusable one, then look for stronger constructed models

2) Will cost be a factor? Many humane cages are also disposable, so once you catch and release the rodents, they should not be re-used. If you are cost-conscious, then you need to shop for multiple-catch re-usable models

3) Are you okay with a “humane kill”?: If you don’t mind killing the mice that you catch, except that you prefer to do it more humanely than Snap traps and Poison bait, then perhaps an Electronic cage may be what you are after. These battery operated devices lure mice into the cage, and then kill the rodents instantly with an electric jolt

4) Do you prefer to release rather than kill the mice? For animal lovers and conservationists, killing mice may not be the preferred answer to dealing with a mouse infestation. In that case, multiple catch traps are the way to go. These devices use cage doors that shut the mouse inside the cage once they enter. You can then take the cage to a safe distance away from the home and release the rodents

5) Is your mouse infestation near where children and pets frequent? If that’s the case, then you don’t want cages, such as trip-and-trap devices, which could be tipped or tilted over by pets and children to free caught mice. You may do well with live-capture cages that catches mice alive, securely inside the device with a trap door, until you can set them free at an alternate location

6) Do you want to avoid messing or staining your home? Some “humane” traps, like Quick Set devices, are supposed to catch mice and hold them in a vice-like grip, unlike the Snap Cages that are designed to kill the rodents with their kill-bars. However, smaller rodents can meet a rather messy and painful death despite the traps’ “humane” design. Using multiple-catch devices can help you get around this challenge

At the end of the day, the humane cage you select should not only be effective, but must also be cost effective and meet your humane pest control objectives. Selecting a cage that meets most, if not all, of the above criteria will ensure that you buy what’s right for your specific mouse control needs.

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The Best Humane Mouse Traps On The Market

Mouse trapped

Some humane alternates for implementing a trap-and-release strategy for dealing with your mouse problem include:

1) Smart Mouse Trap - Humane Mouse Trap

Smart Mouse Trap - Humane Mouse Trap

Safe, reusable, and simple to deploy, this cage is endorsed by many Humane Societies and Animal Rights groups globally. Easy to clean, it is the ideal no-kill trap that can be used by anyone wanting to implement a catch-and-release strategy.

Made from hard plastic, this device is prone to cracking easily if not handled with extreme care, or even when assembling. The tiny plastic latch that holds the trap-door shut can also easily be gnawed by rodents determined for freedom. Also, if the mice you are attempting to trap are extremely light, they could still enter the cage, eat the bait, and exit without setting it off.

2) Mice Cube - Reusable Humane Mouse Traps (4 pack)

Mice Cube - Reusable Humane Mouse Traps (4 pack)

The simple trap-door design, and compact elegant size of this cage makes it ideal for use almost anywhere, even in confined spaces. You can see the mice caught in it, and all you need to do is tilt the cage away from the home (or office) to release the rodents. By simply rinsing the trap in water or a bleach solution, and drying it, it’s ready for another round of mouse catching.

Unfortunately, this cage comes without any ventilation or breathing holes. The mice trapped inside have a rather difficult time surviving for too long, especially if you are away for several days before you execute your catch-release mission.

3) Kness Tip-Trap Live-Capture Mouse Trap

Kness Tip-Trap Live-Capture Mouse Trap

This is a simple yet highly effective contraption. It uses the laws of physics to ensure mice, that enter the elongated tunnel-like structure, cause the trap to tip over, thus trapping them alive inside. Made from polypropylene, this is an easy device to clean without leaving odors behind.

The trap needs to be set very carefully if it is to be effective. Loading it with too much bait could cause an imbalance in weight which may cause tipping back and releasing the trapped mouse. Also, if placed flush against walls, or near heavily trafficked areas, vibrations from the home (and surroundings) may also lead to the trap malfunctioning.

4) Victor TIN CAT Humane Live Mouse Trap

Victor TIN CAT Humane Live Mouse Trap

Made out of durable material, this device is a great reusable mouse trap that catches mice alive for later release away from your home or premises. Its design makes it simple and easy to deploy, and even easier to release the trapped rodents. It can be used around pets, food and children too, and you can clean the trap easily before reusing it.

You need to check on your trap every day because otherwise the trapped mice will die of starvation or dehumidification. Also, since it has a metal casing, heat and cold can transfer easily, making it a rather uncomfortable (and deadly) temporary shelter for your prisoners.

We hope you now feel like you have a great idea of the top 5 best humane mouse traps. And, to make sure they are effective, you can learn it here :

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