Our Review of the Top Ultrasonic Pest Repeller in the Market!

How awesome it would be if unwanted rodents and mammals could easily be kept at bay with just a flick of a switch? That's like having a good pest controlled home! These ultrasonic pest repellers are quite the new fad these days. People are going crazy over its effectiveness when it comes to dealing with pests at home.

No more trap setting. No need to change baits every night. Never again will you need to deal with dead or alive creatures in your traps.

Sounds like pure fantasy? Not exactly! Read on to learn more about UPR's, and to find out about the top 3 systems that will actually work in repelling pests from your home...

The Best Rated Ultrasonic Pest Repeller: The Riddex Plus Pest Control System

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Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Enter the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (UPR), a device that is designed to emit noises at extremely high frequencies – far beyond what the human ear is able to hear. Homeowners simply plug the devices into a nearby power outlet, or load the device with the recommended batteries, and they’re ready to go!

Upon turning the device on, it starts broadcasting its “irritating message” at frequencies audible only by rodents and other creepy, crawling pests. Since humans are incapable of hearing sounds in that frequency range, it seems as though nothing is happening. But it really is!

The end result: Pests are themselves pestered by the ultrasonic noise created by these electronic animal control devices, and will ultimately leave your home in search of more quieter and peaceful haunts!

How Electronic Pest Control Devices Work

Ultrasonic Pest Rodent repeller

The concept of using noise to repel pests isn’t new, having been discovered and successfully used thousands of years ago by Chinese farmers to ward away crop-attacking insects and bugs. The theory behind the effectiveness of UPRs is based on credible scientific studies.

Scientists discovered that humans are incapable of hearing noises/sounds above 20,000 Hz on the sound spectrum. However, the hearing of rodents and mammals is such that these electronic noises can be heard clearly by them.

UPRs generate these Ultra High Frequency (UHF) sounds that only the pests can hear. The noise is so intrusive that it produces symptoms such as convulsions, disarray, panic, confusion amongst creatures within the vicinity of the device – sometimes as wide as 5,000 feet. In some cases, it can even cause death or insanity amongst the pest population.

The immediate reaction amongst pests, upon hearing the UHF electronic noises for the first time, is to move away from the immediate vicinity of the source of the noise. So rats, bats and other creatures may initially move from one room to another inside your house.

However, with the UPR continuously broadcasting the unbearable electronic noise, pests will ultimately become highly distressed and will be forced to evacuate their current “residence”.

What Pests Will They Work On?

The right answer is “it depends”! Each manufacturer of UPR’s produces electronic devices that operate to repel certain types of pests. Depending on the manufacturer and model, and the type of frequency broadcast, a number of pests can be repelled by electronic animal control devices, including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Grasshoppers
  • Fleas

  • Other flying and crawling insects
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Bats 
  • Squirrels

The effectiveness of the device is also based on the proximity to the offending pest. While a device may be effective in dissuading mice to enter the top floor of a house, depending on its range, it may not discourage them from nesting in the basement. Multiple UPRs may need to be used as part of an effective pest control strategy.

Because of the wavelengths of their hearing frequencies, UPRs often do not impact domestic pets like dogs or cats. However, household rodent pets such as hamsters and rabbits could become distressed around some of these devices. This only solidifies the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control units. It's definitely one of the more effective methods that we have today, not to mention that it is the most humane technique as well. This is the main reason why we are pushing ultrasonic pest control units so much. It simply works to the benefit of both us and the animals. 

Manufacturers of UPRs provide instructions and guidelines on which pests their devices work on and actually how pests are trapped using devices. Before buying an electronic device, you should consult the manufacturer to ensure the device purchased targets precisely the pests that you need targeted, and none other.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews - How to Choose a System that Actually Works

To make the decision easier for you, we've compiled the top 3 best rated UPS's based on customer reviews, features and price. Here are 3 UPR's that you may consider:

#1 The Riddex Plus Plug & Go Pest Repeller System

Quick facts:

  • Range: 2000 square foot/unit
  • Works on: Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats, roaches, ants and most insect species
  • Price: $

(4.6 out of 5 stars)

This ingenious device uses three different repelling techniques to get rid of squirrels, rats, mice and other types of rodents. It can be directly plugged into a power socket and is instantly ready for duty!

Producing 140 dB (decibels) of noise, and using just 5 watts of power a month, this device is highly cost effective to operate.

It works great both indoors as well as in covered outdoor areas. The downside to outdoor operations is that, while it may be effective at driving away the pesky squirrels and chipmunks, it may also repel the beautiful birds that you so want to grace your garden!

Quick facts:

  • Range: 6000 square foot/unit
  • Works on: rats, mice & squirrels
  • Price: $$$

(4 out of 5 stars)

best Ultrasonic Pest Rodent repeller reviews

This device drives off mice, squirrels, and rats, etc. using 135 decibel sounds that humans can’t hear. It is safe to use around children, and has a pet-safe design that makes it safe to use around household pets as well. It can even be used around sensitive household equipment without causing interference with their operations.

It comes with a 15-foot power cord and has a unique feature – T3R - that lets it vary the ultrasonic sound, thus irritating and keeping pests on their toes. While largely quiet in its operations, the device does, however, emit a faint operating sound that you may hear (as a result of device harmonics).

#3 The BugzOff Electronic Pest Repeller 

Quick facts:

  • Range: Unknown
  • Works on: mosquitoes, rats, insects and rodents
  • Price: $$$

(4.2 out of 5 stars)

Bugzoff pest repeller

If you are looking for a UPR that’s a one-stop shop for pest repelling, the Bugz Off repeller is for you as it works on 90% of household pests (rodents and insects alike)

At 130 dB, this device is super safe around children and pets, including dogs and cats. It will even not interfere with garden birds that you may love to watch frequenting your back and front yards.

It’s Duel Speakers are designed to deliver different Ultrasonic sounds, but run in complete silence to humans, while its elegant design makes it look more like a household accessory than a pest repellent.

If that's not enough, the lifetime warranty means if it breaks for any reason at all, you'll get a free replacement - can't argue with that!

But Do UPRs Actually Work?

So, are UPR’s really effective in getting rid of your pesky house guests?

The answer to the first part of the question is not very straightforward. Back in 2001, the FTC was of the opinion that UPR manufacturers weren’t supplying adequate scientific data about tests conducted to back up their claims about the products’ effectiveness.

As a result, manufacturers such as Green Shield Electronic Pest Control (and others) have now included additional information on their websites that substantiate their claims that UPRs really do work.

If we consider the test results that manufacturers are sharing with buyers, and match those with any number of online reviews, one can safely conclude that these devices do work.

Like any other product however, one can only empathetically testify to the effectiveness of URPs if they have used the devices themselves and found them useful.

Whether a UPR will work for you might be a matter of the type of unique rodent/pest infestation you are facing. In the meantime however, while you test the device in your own home:

  • Do continue to use existing pest control methods (snap traps, catch-and-release traps and baiting stations)

  • Don’t expect immediate results from UPR’s – they take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks to start showing results

  • Don’t expect results to be everlasting. The pests may get used to the UHF sounds eventually, and may decide to stay put in your home despite the use of UPR’s

Manufacturers are not likely to risk FTC prosecution by indulging in false advertising. It is therefore highly likely that you will find UPR’s highly effective as part of an overall pest control strategy.

Not sold? well then go for something more brutal with a mouse trap (check out the best mouse traps here). Looking for other pest control solutions? Visit Attic Pest Authority homepage to learn more!