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What Does a Bat Bite Mark Look Like on a Human?

 While entering my attic, I unknowingly reached down and touched a bat – funny how Bats just love attic spaces. I thought it bit me, but after looking at my hand, I couldn’t see a bite mark. That is when I thought, “What does a bat bite look like on a human?” The answer to […]

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Natural, Electronic & Ultrasonic Bat Repellents, Do They Work?

bat repellents do they work

Bat Repellents: Are They Really Effective? It’s true that bats can be repelled. However, that can only be accomplished if one uses the right repellents. Unfortunately, not all repellents, even though they may be highly effective, are legal or appropriate.Some jurisdictions prohibit the use of bat repellents, while other repellents are unusually cruel and harmful to use. This […]

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What are the Potential Health Risks Involving Bat Droppings (Guano)?

bat droppings

A few very lethal illnesses have been linked to bats. Rabies is maybe the most well-known infection connected with bats. Alongside creatures, for example, canines, foxes, raccoons, and skunks, bats are one of the prevalent creatures that transmit rabies. An introduction to rabies most usually happens when an individual is bitten by an out of control […]

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