Do Silverfish Bite? What are the Damages they Do to your Home?

You have likely encountered silverfish in your home, and you’re wondering if they bite? In this article, we have included all the information you need to know about these wingless insects’ taste. Read on to learn more.

What are Silverfish?

So, what are these little insects? What really is a silverfish?

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silverfish-closeup-imageThese creepy and scary pests, which resemble booklice and firebrats, are described as small wingless insects with light gray or silver color. Silverfish earned its name from its appearance and movement which resembles that of fish. They range from 10-20 millimeters long and have three smaller appendages at the rear, long antennae at the front, and six legs.

Silverfish can enter your home through construction materials or purchased items and may live there for several months before you notice signs of their presence. One of the reasons for this is that they are nocturnal creatures. They hide in crevices during the day and come out at night. Another reason why you will not notice a silverfish in your home is that they are so small and flat in shape that they can hide in very tiny crevices and cracks in your house

Do Silverfish Bite Humans?

Although these household pests have a creepy appearance with a body covered with scales, they are not known to eat human beings. You may have mistaken them for venomous centipedes, but the truth of the matter is that they do not carry diseases. They are medically harmless. This insect is quite fast often fleeing to safety whenever they are disturbed. They hide in tiny crevices and cracks when they realize that they are in danger. If you are not careful, you may hurt yourself attempting to chase them down.

picture-of-insectWhat are the damages they cause to homes?

While silverfish do not bite the human body, these creatures are considered household pests since they destroy property when they are feeding. They cause damage to papers, glue, plaster, hair, carpets, books, wallpaper, and many other dusty products around the house. Sometimes they destroy clothing items such as leather, cotton, silk, and linens. Silverfish will also seek out and contaminate foods such as cereals, flour, and sugar. Although they may cause food contamination, they do not transmit disease.

If you want to know where silverfish are hiding after causing the damage, look for their presence in damp and dark locations. These are the reasons why you should remove silverfish from your house.

The nature of their bites

It is easier to spot any damage that has been done by these pests in your home. When they eat something, they leave small holes and chewing marks. The chewing mark resembles that one of a leaf after it has been eaten by a caterpillar. Also, silverfish also leave yellow staining in any material they bite. This yellow substance is produced by the mouthparts of these insects. It is spread on the material when they bite.

If you find items in your house that you believe might have been damaged by silverfish bite, look for chewing marks and distinct bites. These pests will often rip pieces of paper off a page. They do it slowly but make sure they have repeatedly cut them into small slices.