What is The Best Flea Fogger That Works? – Our Review

You notice fleas on your pets, in your carpeting, on the sofa, and in your recliner. You find flea fogger products online and wonder, “Do flea foggers work?” If you’re like me, you want to know if a product works before you spend money on it.

Important questions must be answered before buying flea foggers. Is the flea-infected home empty? Can you leave the premises unoccupied for several hours after using the chemical? Will you be able to shut off electrical devices, such as heaters and air conditioners?

Part of the Problem Involves a Flea’s Life Cycle

According to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, the insect can live for up to three months. After the insect hatches from an egg, it goes through three larvae stages. It takes about one month to go from an egg to an adult tick. A flea is dormant during its pupal stage, prior to becoming an adult.

When you set off a flea fogger, the insecticide the device dispersed kills the insect - most active insects and insect larvae. However, the inactive pupated bugs, especially those located under furniture, or in cracks and crevices of the walls, are not reached by the insecticide of the flea fogger.

Flea Foggers Possess Several Downfalls

Flea foggers usually consist of six-ounce pressurized containers that are set off in the middle of a room. Pesticide spews upward and settles on top of items and the floor. Effective application requires the penetration of crevices with insecticide, which cannot be accomplished with foggers.

University of Kentucky’s Entomology Department claims that a more effective method of killing these insects involves targeted applications of powder insecticide by hand to locations where they are hiding, such as behind furniture, or under beds.

Insecticides are poisonous to insects. They are also harmful to humans and pets. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns in their video that breathing the insect chemical mist is unsafe. The premises must be vacated for at least four hours and food must be covered:

Another problem with flea foggers is that they disperse harmful insecticidal powder all over the surfaces of the home’s interior. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports instances where foggers have caused several cases of severe health reactions to occupants.

Due to the harmful nature of the pesticide sprayed out by a pesticide canister, all food items must be tucked away in tightly-sealed containers. Likewise, anything that you put in your mouth—such as a toothbrush—needs to be sealed up or removed prior to releasing a flea fogger.

The New York Department of Health warns that more isn’t better regarding flea foggers. Set off too many and you could create an explosion. A New York bakery set off 36 foggers near a stove pilot light. The resulting fire injured two employees and five bystanders.

Most chemicals include warning labels instructing users to not only turn off electrical and gas appliances and vacate the premises, but to open all windows in the structure, in order to allow fresh air to circulate through the area that was sprayed by the device.

Flea Foggers Work Best Under Proper Conditions

Based on the above information, it might seem as though flea foggers don’t work. But, they do work, if they are used within proper guidelines. Foggers kill fleas, but often not all of them. And, as already mentioned, they blow up when near pilot lights and spew out harmful chemicals.

If your flea-infested premise is empty, this product will reach most areas and kill most of the fleas. Moderate temperatures that allow you to turn off all heating and cooling units work best. Leaving the premises alone for at least 24 hours also works and is wise when using the pesticide product.

So what are the best flea foggers to use? Johnson & Johnson’s Raid® Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger receives a majority of good reviews. The Zodiac® FleaTrol™ Fogger is known to be effective at killing these insect eggs and larvae without any hassle. Many users have gotten very quick results from using this particular product.

Our Personal Review – Do Flea Foggers Work?

The biggest key to making a flea fogger work is persistence. Since when the insects are in the pupal stage are not affected by your fogger, you will kill more fleas in your home by using multiple foggers over several days. And it is also we take care of our dogs, since many times flea infections on humans come from their unclean body. Read more at: http://atticpestauthority.com/can-humans-get-fleas-dogs

To find more ways to get rid of these annoying insects, go here : https://atticpestauthority.com/how-to-get-rid-of-fleas​

Get the best results by:

  • Buying quality flea foggers, such as the Raid® Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger.
  • Removing or sealing food or items you place in your mouth. If possible, empty your house.
  • Turning off electrical and gas appliances.
  • Vacating the premises for four hours after activating the fogger. Leaving it for 24 hours is better.
  • Airing out the structure upon return.

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