ancient secrest for detecting how mice are getting into your home via weep holes

Ancient Secrets For Detecting How Mice Are Getting Into Your Home Via Weep Holes

We know that mice can get into your house through your weep hole, but even when you block up the most exposed weep holes, they keep on coming.

Why and how?

By using some ancient secrets, we can detect how they are getting into your weep holes.

Here are 5 examples.


Put away your GPS and take a step back in time, relying on the good ole principles of tracking prints in the snow. That is exactly what this home owner did when he battled with reoccurring mice in his home and didn’t know how to stop mice from getting in the house after he trapped several. Mice are pretty stealth but one thing they haven’t figured out is how to erase their tracks in between snowfalls. (Quebec Canada)


This home owner didn’t anticipate drawing upon her high school science course – ‘understanding the food chain’, long after graduating and upon becoming a home owner.

This knowledge became very handy similar to how ancient civilizations came to understand their habitat and how to thrive within it. When she went looking for mouse entry points, observing the behavior of this blue racer provided her with information she would not have otherwise had on her own. This team work proved successful and also alerted the home owner to shut out both mice and the snake as the snake had designs on laying its eggs back there. (Arkansas USA)

snake removal


Here is a home owner who combined current day materials bought at the grocery store with the timeless investigative techniques and studies that in ancient times and still today separate man from beast.

This home owner tore up pieces of paper towel and lightly pushed them into weep holes and other spaces. They returned each day to see if the tiny pieces had been displaced. (Ontario Canada)


This home owner found a scorpion in their weepholes and simply lost a lot of sleep worrying about it.

Well this was actually true of the home owners who had the snake and mice as well. (Texas USA)

scorpion removal

Bees and wasps like weep holes too. Hopefully you won’t experience this.

If you are hearing mice in your walls, your attic, or seeing them dart out from behind the refrigerator, consider the above ancient techniques to learn how mice are getting in.

In all cases if you have a brick home with weep holes consider the following:

  • Weep holes have a purpose other than harbouring pests – they provide needed ventilation

  • Weep holes are part of the local building code – clogging them defeats this purpose
  • Reducing the airflow is counterintuitive to the building code

  • A current of air moves in and out of each weep hole and with it particles of dirt, debris and moisture – this is why you often see spider webs to catch insects in the air flow

  • Materials known to clog a weep hole include mesh, pads, screens with tight holes and covers with tight or small holes

In all cases, you can expect this to hold true about mice:

  • Mice will chew through plastic and mesh screens

  • Mice will pull out mesh, pads, and screens

  • Mice will not chew through steel

  • Non stainless steel will rust
  • Mice will leave invisible pheromone trails in your weep holes so other mice can easily find this pathway into your home

  • If mice haven’t found your weep holes yet, don’t worry, they will in time.

Having mice problems is sometimes hard to detect; the giveaway is usually finding their droppings around your home, or scattered across your attic.

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