DIY pest removal10 top tips for D.I.Y pest removal…

Just because you have a small pest problem doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to call in an expert. Calling in the experts is a guaranteed way to solve your pest problems, true, but before you jump on the phone, why not see if there is a simple solution that you can implement yourself? of course, the nature and type of pest issue you are dealing with will determine whether you can go D.I.Y or not, but If your planning to tackle it head on, DIY style, make sure you read our top tips, here, you may find the tip you have been looking for.


how to remove pestsPrevention is better than Cure: 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest Free

The term ‘prevention is better than the cure’ is a cliche that can be used in many aspects of life, and it holds true when it comes to pest infestations. Once a pest infestation has begun, it can be extremely frustrating to deal with. We believe its a great practice to act on the offensive, and implement a few of these top tips for keeping your home pest free. Deal with it before it begins, and you wont have to make any pest control expert service calls anytime soon.

animals in atticThe 10 Most Commonly Found Creatures That Live in Your Attic

Attics are great spaces when utilized – there is a whole range of things you could do with yours. Before you start planning, you need to make sure your attic is free of all common attic pests, but which do you have? Click here to read about the 10 most common creatures that live in your attic. Depending on the area that you live in and the time of year, your attic could be housing a whole range of different creatures – some are easy to remove, and some are hard.


Raccoon in atticRaccoon in attic? guide to getting rid of raccoon

Raccoons are seen as cute fluffy rodents – and they are, until they gain access to your attic. The real problem with having a family of raccoons in your attic, is their tenancy to cause damage through shredding things and nesting. This becomes more of a serious risk when raccoons shred and chew their way through electrical wires, causing a fire risk in the process!  If you have a raccoon problem, click here to read our advice on how to best deal with raccoons. Depending on how severe your raccoon problem is, we recommend you call in the professionals 9 times out of 10 – to ensure once they are removed, they don’t find their way back in.

bat guano diseaseBat Droppings/guano and the health risks associated

Bat droppings are different to other animal droppings, and if you are dealing with a bat infestation of some sort, you should be aware of the health risks associated. The most common associated health risk with bat guano/droppings is the mold which is produced from the droppings, and the more droppings prevalent, the higher the risk of damage. Click here to read this article and learn about why bat guano can be so dangerous to handle, and be exposed too…


pest indentificationPest identification by looking at their droppings

Sometimes, determining whether you have pests in your house is not the hard part – the tell tail signs are there. The hard part can be identifying which pest/animal is the culprit! They have a tenancy to hide away when your around, so the best way to determine WHAT is bugging you, is by looking for their droppings. Read this article here to get a head-start and find out what pests are hiding in your home. Once you determine exactly what pest is living in your home, you can take appropriate measures to get them out.

best mouse trapPest removal traps: a look into the different types

There are various types of pest removal related traps available on the market to help you with your pest infestation problems. Whether you are tackling the problem head-on, or are engaging the services of a professional pest removal expert, a common question you may have is “which type of trap should I be using?” There a a handful of different types of traps available on the market, each suited best for certain situations, so read this article here to find out more about different pest removal traps. Its recommended never to use poisons or baits, as they can cause you more issues in the long run, and potentially expose your family to health risks. The best form of traps is always exclusion traps or one-way doors, which are highly effective when set up properly.

why do rodents chew wiresChewed out electrical wires in attic: Who did it, and what are the dangers?

Rodents that live in your attic love to chew things, in fact, there is a good chance that’s how they got up there in the first place – chewed their way in. The most serious concern about chew-crazy rodents is their desire to chew your electrical wiring! Rats and mice especially are a huge contributing factor to house fires in the US, all because of their little fangs that happened to come across the wiring in your attic. Find out more here about the dangers of rodents chewing your electrical wiring, and the most common culprits. If you have signs of wire chewing, we suggest you deal with the problem as soon as possible.

how to catch a squirrelTips on how to trap a squirrel

If you find you have an infestation of squirrels or raccoons in your home or attic, you need to act fast to avoid damage being spread – these critters are expert chewers and chew your house up very quickly. It may be easy to decide to use poison or lethal traps, but be warned, this is a poor choice and will only multiply your problems. There are a few traps including cage traps and repeater traps that the best option for you, find out more about those traps here. We always recommend seeking professional advice before setting up and purchasing traps- there is more too it than simply setting them up.

bats love to gain entry through the roofDIY Bat Removal Guide

We don’t recommend tackling bat removal as a DIY solution for a few reasons, but mainly because you will be exposed to the risk of heights (you will be doing a lot of sealing around the roof) and also the risk of bat-related diseases. If you decided that you are confident and want to tackle the problem head-on rather than using a professional, read our DIY bat removal guide here, and good luck!

Squirrel in wallsGuide To Getting Rid Of Squirrels

Squirrels are cute creatures, and you may even love having them around your property so you can admire them and feed them. The problem is however; they don’t know when they have overstayed there welcome, and they will happily take up residence within your garden and home. In case you haven’t noticed, squirrels are not exactly 5 start housemates; they will chew, poop and destruct your home like there is no tomorrow! Read this guide on getting rid of squirrels from your yard, attic or walls.

mint leavesNatural, Electronic & Ultrasonic Bat Repellents, Do They Work?

Bat repellents can be as effective if you use the right method. You just need to know the different types of repellents available on the market. This guide will help you discover how natural, electronic and ultrasonic bat repellents work. The method that you’re going to choose to repel the bats depends on the location, accessibility, and the suitability of using each method. Other temporary household product alternatives are also available if you’re still deciding on which repellent you want to use. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure it is safe for both the creature and your area.

Dead mouse

Best Bait For Mouse Traps

Mice have extraordinary vision, hearing and senses of touch, feel and smell which makes it difficult to lure them even into the cleverly designed mouse traps. They are known to avoid traps, grab bait from loaded traps without tripping them, and even intentionally tripping traps and then grabbing the bait and disappearing. Traps appear easier for them especially if they are getting familiar with the same trap and bait that you’re using all over again. This guide provides you some suggestions on the best bait to use when dealing with mouse trap. Bait that always works on one type of trap might not do so well on another. And once you find that something works repeatedly, it’s time to change your tactics!

Glue trap with hairBest Mouse Trap Reviews – Do It Once, Do It right

Buying the first available mousetrap in the market is not an effective solution when you’re having a mouse problem. First, you need to evaluate the situation before deciding on mouse traps. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time and money. Mousetraps, when done correctly can effectively prevent mouse infestation. This review guide will help you in choosing the best mousetrap to help you with mouse problems. You may opt to choose for cheaper and more convenient self-help options to deal with mice infestations, or commercially available mice traps. We hope you’ll learn some ideas of what makes a good mouse trap.

Bats on the ceilingBats In The House? How They Got in, And How To Remove Them

Bats play a very important role in our natural ecosystem, but unfortunately they often take up refuge in various parts of your home. If you see even a single bat inside the home, chances are it may be a part of a larger colony inhabiting your house. How they were able to get inside is a common question that most people with bat problems ask. In getting a bat out of the house, you need to gain some knowledge about bats and look for clues that they leave once they enter the house. Read this guide to find out how to resolve a potential bat problem inside your home.

Dead mouseHaving A Heart – How To Find The Best Humane Mouse Trap

Mice are a threat, even posing health risks to humans. However, some of us think that poisoning or bloody killing is the only way to deal with a mouse infestation. For those who prefer to put less agonizing death to a mouse, humane mouse traps are available. These temporarily trap the mice and afterward may be released away from the home or putting an end to their lives less painfully than the standard mouse traps. So what should you look for when shopping for a humane mouse trap? Check out our guide in finding the best humane mouse traps before choosing the right one!

Ultrasonic Pest Rodent repellerBest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews – Do They Even Work?

What if unwanted pests could easily be kept at bay with just a flick of a switch? No more trap setting. No need to change baits every night. No more dealing with dead or alive creatures in your traps. Ultrasonic pest repeller is the ultimate solution! These pests are disturbed by the ultrasonic noise and will eventually leave your home in search of more quiet and peaceful inhabit! The effectiveness of the ultrasonic pest repeller is based on the proximity to which it is placed near the offending pest. Hence, it is better to plan ahead before choosing the right device that will suit your needs. Read our review on the best ultrasonic pest repeller here.


for more information on common attic pests and advice on how to deal with them, visit this page and read through the resources.